The Empathy Project (2019)

Artists in Residence: October 13-15, 2019

Video courtesy of: Lauren Swaim

What is the Empathy Project?

Art in myriad forms has the power to bring about fundamental social change.  At the heart of this change is empathy—the ability to see the world through the eyes and perspectives of another. We hope The Empathy Project will begin to build a towering column of humanity, a bridge, moving the discoveries from the studio to the stage, to the public, the microcosm to illuminate the macrocosm, one person at a time.

Core Dance, an award-winning contemporary dance company with global reach, creates, performs, and produces compelling original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively encourages participation and conversation with the community. Since 1980, Core has supported innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking, and sustainable art-making in dance. Core’s work leads them to share what they know about bodies and movement with isolated populations–those dealing with abuse, homelessness, language barriers, eating disorders, refugee status, substance abuse, aging, and HIV/AIDS.

Accessibility: What To Know Before You Go

CFAC is committed to providing events that are accessible to the widest possible audience regardless of mobility, endurance, or cognitive or sensory abilities.


October 13: Planetary Dance for Healing UCA Alumni Circle,  6:00 p.m.  (Rain Location: Ida Waldran)

The Planetary Dance is an annual dance of healing and community renewal. It brings people of all ages and abilities together in a beautiful setting to dance for a purpose. The Planetary Dance Community invites people all over the world to join in a dance for peace in their own communities and peace with the Earth. This is a participatory movement event. At its heart is the Earth Run, a simple dance that everybody can do. Participants are invited to run, walk, or simply stand in a series of concentric circles, creating a moving mandala. As we all move to the steady heartbeat of the drums, we become one collective body. Each step upon the Earth becomes a prayer for healing. For more information, visit:
October 14:“if…a memoir,”  UCA McCastlain Lawn, 6:00 p.m., (Rain Location: Baum Art Gallery, McCastlain Hall)
if… a memoir is a love song written for humanity. Engaging questions of human freedom alongside human limitations, Sue Schroeder in collaboration with the Dance Artists of Core Dance, Christian Meyer (composer) and Simon Gentry (cinematographer) will create an evening-length, physical theater choreo-poem. Excavated and developed using the artistic research practices of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® (Anna and Daria Halprin), Ensemble Thinking and voice and movement scores, If…- a memoir will reveal a performance literature that is bold, straightforward and expressive, timeless in its humor and humanity. This new work will draw from early 1950s Beat Generation culture and influences – questioning, jazz inspired rhythm, improvisational spirit, rejection of standard narrative values and seeming disorganization with a deliberate effect. Without linear plot elements or characters, if…a memoir will instead focus on creating an emotional response from and with the stage artists and audience. A product of artistic questioning and a quest for meaning, if…a memoir seeks to reveal what binds each of us, one to the other, in beauty, flaws, foibles, vulnerability and what it is to be inherently human.

October 15: “if . . . a memoir,”  9:25-10:50 a.m. [Shortened version with audience post-performance conversation. Event will be performed in French], UCA McCastlain Hall Lawn

Portable bleachers will provide seating. In the event of rain, event will be held inside the Baum Gallery in McCastlain Hall.