Steinway Initiative

The UCA Steinway Initiative is the university’s commitment to becoming an all-Steinway School, a symbol of musical prestige and a recruitment advantage. The UCA Department of Music consists of more than 200 majors and 40 faculty who bring together artistry, research, education, and performances that allow young artists to hone their skill and explore their craft. The Department of Music also plays an integral role in the community through partnerships with the Conway Symphony Orchestra, Conway ArtsFest, and the UCA Community School of Music.

With 25,000 practice hours annually on our instruments, the maintenance and repair of our existing piano inventory is very expensive. In addition to being the concert piano of choice, Steinway pianos are the most cost-effective to maintain.

The “Steinway 88 Keys Program” gives you the opportunity to directly influence our students’ education by donating a piano key. Donors may purchase a key at any price; donations of $1,000 or more will earn the opportunity to select a specific piano key.

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Thank you so much for your continued support and for helping to make UCA a destination university with world class programs!

If you are interested in supporting UCA’s campus-wide Steinway Initiative contact Greg Weber at (501) 852-2606 or