AMC/Fairmont Pledges $100,000 for Dr. John Bratton Endowed Professorship

AMC/Fairmont has pledged $100,000 to become the lead donor and strategic partner in the advancement of the Insurance and Risk Management program by creating the Dr. John Bratton Endowed Professorship at the University of Central Arkansas. The growth and strength of the curriculum of UCA’s program is directly attributable to the leadership of Dr. John Bratton, stated Stephen L. Strange, president of AMC/Fairmont, formerly American Management Corporation (AMC). American Management Corporation was acquired in 2011 by Fairfax Financial Holdings and became part of their Crum & Forster division under the name AMC/Fairmont.

The number of majors has grown from six in 2002 to 87 in 2011. In 2011, Bratton championed the regulatory change allowing UCA graduates to take the claims adjusters license exam without the one year experience or direct supervision requirement.

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Official Launch of the EPIC Residential Program

The EPIC Program ( at UCA enriches the student living and learning experience at the University. It is designed to be one of the most unique and transformative residential learning communities in the nation. Students from various disciplines including science and technology, business, and the fine arts will collaboratively live, work, and tackle real-world challenges that will have both commercial and community impact. [Read more…]

Official Launch of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E Major)

The UCA College of Business is pleased to announce the official launch of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Major.

Why do we offer this major? Creativity is the ultimate business weapon. It is a country’s and company’s growth engine. It is the most valuable and marketable business skill today. The major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship teaches students how to develop ideas and how to get them done. We create “dreamers” and “doers.” Students will identify opportunities and then develop and launch innovations, whether these are products, services, or processes. [Read more…]

Dr. John Bratton Receives Endowment

CONWAY, Ark. (AP) – A company has pledged $100,000 to create an endowed professorship in the Insurance and Risk Management program at the University of Central Arkansas.

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