Kaleigh Davis to speak at the International Trade Association Meeting

The International Trade Association will host Kaleigh Davis at 3 pm (today) Monday the 16th in COB 100.

Kaleigh Davis, is an alumni of UCA’s College of Business and UCA’s Honors College. While attending UCA, she served as president of the International Trade Association, an ambassador for International Programs, a group leader for StuMo as well as additional campus organizations. Ms. Davis graduated from the School of Law at the U of A, Fayetteville. Currently, she is a prosecutor for Pulaski County. Kaliegh will discuss her international experiences including trips to India, Central and South America and Tanzania.

Economics Student Speaks at United We Stand Festival

Brittney Logan is a senior Economics major and one of the “Koch Student Scholars” engaged in research under EFIRM’s new program that provides a stipend for a few students to engage in economic research with faculty members. She has been invited to speak about youth activism by Christina Tobin. For more information, visit this link.

Study: Digital Divide Narrowing Between Generations

Researchers at the University of Central Arkansas have completed a study showing that the digital divide between younger and older generations is beginning to narrow.

The study reveals some surprising truths about seniors. They have more money available for technological expenses, are already a significant online presence, and they use technology and the internet in comparable ways to younger generations.

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Authors: Mark E. McMurtrey, Ronald E. McGaughey, James P. Downey and Steven M. Zeltmann

To read the research, click here.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee Guest Speaker

Centennial Bank hosted a fund raising event honoring Johnny Allison and his entrepreneurial success. Former Governor Mike Huckabee was the featured speaker for the event and we had between 25 and 30 students in attendance and a packed house in McCastlain Hall.
The event raised $252,000 that will all go into the John W. Allison Entrepreneur Endowed Professorship Fund. Centennial Bank covered 100% of the expenses for the event and 100% of the revenue raised ($252k) will go into this newly created endowment. Half of the money came from selling tables and the other half was a matching gift from the Allison family.
For more information read this article in The Log Cabin Democrat

UCA’s Beta Alpha Psi Chapter takes a first place during conference

The University of Central Arkansas’ chapter of Beta Alpha Psi — the honorary organization for Financial Information students and professionals — earned a first-place award recently at the organization’s 2013 Southwest Regional Conference in Dallas.

UCA students Amber Brewer, Kaci Burrow and Kristen Flynn were awarded first place in the Best Practices competition in the category of Innovation in Developing Soft Skills, according to a news release. The three made a presentation based on a program the UCA chapter of Beta Alpha Psi developed to improve communication skills of its members. Six other schools competed in this category.

For more of the story, click here to read the Log Cabin Democrat article.

If you missed it…

Professor Tammy Rogers was interviewed on KLRT Monday, February 4, 2013 on the topic of credit report errors. To see her interview, click http://www.fox16.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoId=3964543&navCatId=19792.

What are the Alternatives to the Federal Reserve Bank?

Professor George Selgin is a Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia. His research covers a broad range of topics including monetary theory, monetary history, macroeconomic policy, and the history of monetary thought.

He has written or edited seven books including The Theory of Free Banking and Good Money: Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821. He has over 60 academic articles.

His writings appear in The Christian Science Monitor, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other popular outlets. Professor Selgin holds a Ph.D. in economics from New York University.

 When and Where?
Thursday, February 28
College of Business, Room 107
1:40 – 2:30 (x-period)

Trucking Industry Defense Association Awards $5,000 Grant to UCA

Joe Pappalardo, TIDA’s General Counsel, and Dr. David Voss

The Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) has selected UCA as one of four recipients of its fifth annual Endowment Fund Grants in the amount of $5,000. The grant will help fund scholarships and research for the university’s Center for Logistics Education, Advancement, and Research (CLEAR), a program designed to prepare students for careers in the transportation industry.

The grant was presented to Dr. Douglas Voss, director of the CLEAR program for the University of Central Arkansas, at a ceremony on Sept. 20.

“On behalf of the University of Central Arkansas’ transportation and logistics students and faculty, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to TIDA for choosing our University and CLEAR as a beneficiary of its annual endowment program,” said Voss.

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Voss Awarded the Jack Meredith Award from the Journal of Operations Management for the Best Paper Published

Doug Voss and co-authors from Michigan State University received the Jack Meredith Award from the Journal of Operations Management (JOM) for the best paper published in the Journal in 2011. JOM is debatably the top supply chain/operations research journal in the world. According to Thomson Reuters, it has the number 1 impact factor of any Operations Research & Management Science journal ( http://www.elsevier.com/authored_subject_sections/S03/misc/ORMS.pdf ). It is one of 40 academic journals used by Financial Times to compile their annual business school research ranking, and is included in both their Global MBA and EMBA rankings ( http://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-operations-management/journal-news/financial-times-research-rank/ ).

Voss’s winning paper is entitled, “Global Supply Chain Design Considerations: Mitigating Product Safety and Security Risks.” The article can be view here: Global Supply Chain Design Considerations.

There were three other manuscripts considered for the award, authored by faculty representing the following universities: The University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, University of Virginia, Arizona State University, Texas A&M University and Northeastern University.

Acxiom Corporation Gives $150,000 to Establish the “Acxiom Professors of MIS.”

Acxiom Corporation® has pledged $150,000 to the University of Central Arkansas to establish the “Acxiom Professors of MIS.” The gift will support five faculty members within the Department of Management Information Systems over the next four years. The gift was announced Tuesday during a press conference at the UCA College of Business.

“We sincerely appreciate this gift from Acxiom. This is just another example of Acxiom’s continued involvement in and generosity to UCA, but more importantly, to its commitment to the education of our students and faculty, and the overall improvement of Arkansas’s economy,” said UCA President Tom Courtway. “These funds will enable us to recruit and retain the highest quality faculty in the Management Information System program and provide our state with tomorrow’s leaders in the field.” [Read more…]