Business Students & Alumni Share Why Day of Giving Matters

Current business students and alumni share how UCA’s Day of Giving contributes to scholarships and experiences that help them achieve goals.

Amaya Whitmore

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting in 2023, current Master of Accountancy student
“Scholarships are so important and can play a huge role in helping someone reach their educational goals. I was blessed to receive scholarships that allowed me to worry less about the financial burden of college and focus more on my studies.”


Emma Daughtrey

Insurance Risk Management major, class of 2025
“Growing up, I witnessed the devastating impact of risk firsthand. Now, thanks to scholarships, I can turn my passion for risk mitigation into a career dedicated to protecting others. Each scholarship signifies a strong belief in my abilities and potential. I’m determined to make them proud by becoming a future leader in the insurance and risk management industry.”

When you give, we grow.

Giving to funds like the CISA fund means that students will get to experience more:

  • visit more businesses to see technology in action;

  • network with more professionals in their classes and in student organizations;

  • practice with the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips.

Takari Glover

BBA in Marketing in 2023
“Scholarships played a huge role in my undergraduate college career. I was given more flexibility to study, continue to serve on campus and volunteer in the community. I didn’t have to stress or worry about how I was going to pay for tuition or books, and that was the most rewarding and satisfying part about college – being able to enjoy every moment stress free.”

Michael Isaac

Accounting major who hopes to someday earn a law degree, class of 2025
“I love accounting, and thanks to the relentless generosity and support of our donors, I get to do what I love!”

By giving to the UCA College of Business, you can help students reach their educational goals and impact their lives for the better.