Roger Wainwright, M.H.S.A

Lecturer II

LSC 164A

(501) 450-5792


M.H.S.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 1988
Started at UCA in 2003

Courses Taught:

Structure & Function of the Human Body I and II

Microbiology in Human Affairs

Biology for General Education


My journey to UCA included work toward degrees in chemistry, zoology, psychology, nursing, medicine, and hospital administration. Following some number of years of applying my knowledge in these subjects to the clinical, industrial, and educational settings, I decided to expand my realm of acquaintance to include things of a less technical foundation, such as world travel, music composition, social, political and religious philosophies, and the nature of interpersonal relationships and community building. My life pages as of this date document a student with almost 300 hours of higher education credits, a teacher with more than 30 subjects taught, a songwriter with more than 100 songs recorded, an entrepreneur with 14 years in the business, a traveler with 20 extra-continental excursions completed, and a community builder with more than 1,000 associates. It is my position that life is more than work and people are more than chemicals. It is from this angle I teach the study of life.