Richard Noyes, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Herbarium/Greenhouse Director

LSC 017

(501) 450-5926


Ph.D. (Evolutionary Biology), Indiana University, Bloomington (1999).
M.S. (Botany), Washington State University, Pullman (1988).
B.A. (Botany), Cum Laude, University of Vermont, Burlington (1984).


Employment History:

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Central Arkansas (2012 –present).
Graduate Faculty, Department of Biology, University of Central Arkansas (2006-present).
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Central Arkansas (2006-2012).
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder (2001-2006).


Courses Taught:

Genetics (BIOL 2490)
Plant Taxonomy (BIOL 4404/5404)
Biology of Seed Plants (BIOL 4470/5470)

Research Interests:

Evolution of flowering plant diversity, including genetics of plant reproductive systems, and phylogenetic analyses to evaluate relationships and trait evolution.  Current work includes use of next-generation sequencing methods to study nuclear and chloroplast genome structure; classical Mendelian genetics of the locus controlling parthenogenetic development in plants; study of genetic variation of single copy nuclear genes.

Research Webpage:

Selected Publications:

[Reprints available upon request]

Noyes, R.D. and Bailey, P. 2013. Chromosome number and reproductive attributes for Erigeron lemmonii (Asteraceae), a cliff-dwelling endemic of southeastern Arizona. Madrono X: XXX-XXX. [Accepted for publication 08 April 2013]

Noyes, R.D. and Givens, A.D.*  2013. Quantitative assessment of megasporogenesis for the facultative apomicts Erigeron annuus and Erigeron strigosus (Asteraceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 174: 1239-1250.

Strijk. J.S., R.D. Noyes, D. Strasberg, C. Cruaud, J. Chave, R. Abbott, and C. Thébaud.  2012.  In and out of Madagascar: Dispersal to peripheral Islands, insular speciation and diversification of Indian Ocean Daisy Trees (Psiadia, Asteraceae). PLoS ONE 7:e42932.

Noyes, R.D. and D.V. Groff.**  2011.  Geography and phylogeny of sexual diploid Erigeron strigosus (Asteraceae) in Arkansas and Missouri.  Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 5:  577-586.

Andrus, N., Tye, A., Nesom, G., Bogler, D., Lewis, C., Noyes, R., Jaramillo, P., and J. Francisco-Ortega.  2009.  Phylogenetics of Darwiniothamnus (Asteraceae: Astereae) – molecular evidence for multiple origins in the endemic flora of the Galápagos Islands. Journal of Biogeography 36: 1055-1069.

Noyes, R.D.  2008.  Sexual devolution in plants: apomixis uncloaked? BioEssays 30: 798-801.  (Invited commentary.)

*Undergraduate student contributor     **Graduate student contributor