Reid Adams, Ph.D.

Professor, Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator

LSC 123

(501) 450-3146


Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 2004

Started at UCA in 2003


Courses Taught:

General Ecology


Aquatic Ecology

Vertebrate Zoology

Field Ichthyology


Research Interests:

My research focus is primarily the ecology of stream fishes as it relates to conservation and restoration in both upland streams and river-floodplain ecosystems. Please go to our lab web link below for more information and current research projects.


Lab Website:


Selected Publications:

Naus, C.J., and S.R. Adams. 2018.  Fish nursery habitat function of the main channel, floodplain tributaries and oxbow lakes of a medium-sized river.  Ecology of Freshwater Fish 27:4-18.


Kluender, E.R., S.R. Adams, and L. Lewis. 2017.  Seasonal habitat use of alligator gar at multiple spatial scales in a river-floodplain ecosystem. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 26:233-246.


Robison, H.W., L. Lewis, C. Cox, G. Spooner, S.R. Adams, and C.T. McAllister. 2016. New distributional records of the Ohio Shrimp, Macrobrachium ohione Smith (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) in Arkansas.  Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science 70:207-210.


Cox, C., J. Quinn, L. Lewis, S.R. Adams, and G. Adams. 2016. Population demographics of American eels in two Arkansas USA watersheds that drain into the Gulf of Mexico.  Journal of Fish Biology 88:1088-1103.


Matthews, W.J., E. Marsh-Mathews, G.L. Adams, and S.R. Adams. 2014.  Two catastrophic floods: Similarities and differences in effects on an Ozark stream fish community. Copeia 2014:682-693.


Stearman, L., G. Adams, and S.R. Adams. 2014.  Ecology of the redfin darter and a potential emerging threat to its habitat.  Environmental Biology of Fishes 2014:1-13.


Walker, R.H., E.R. Kluender, T.E. Inebnit, and S.R. Adams. 2013. Differences in diet and feeding ecology of similar-sized spotted (Lepisosteus oculatus) and shortnose (Lepisosteus platostomus) gars during flooding of a south-eastern US river.  Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22:617-625.


Walker, R.H., G.L. Adams and S.R. Adams. 2012.  Movement patterns of southern redbelly dace Chrosomus erythrogaster, in headwater reaches of an Ozark stream.  Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2):216-227.