Mick Yoder, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


LSC 139

(501) 450-5929


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2007
Started at UCA in 2020

Courses Taught:

Cell Biology
Developmental Biology

Research Interests:

The overall goal of my research is to better understand how regulated cell-cell adhesion drives
tissue morphogenesis during early embryonic development. In general, perturbation of tissue fusion, cell
adhesion, or cell sorting can lead to numerous birth defects, including early gross gastrulation defects, spina
bifida, and congenital heart diseases. Additionally, aberrant cell sorting and tissue separation are major
components of tumorigenesis. A deeper understanding of the mechanisms governing cell sorting and
tissue separation will have application not only to developmental biology in general, but also to the
development of congenital and adult disease states.


Laboratory Website:



Selected Publications:

Jerry, R., Sullivan-Brown, J., Yoder, M.D. (2019). GTP binding protein 10 is a member of the OBG family of
proteins and is differentially expressed in the early Xenopus embryo. Gene Expression Patterns. 32: 12-17.
Yoder, M.D. and Gumbiner, BM. (2011). Axial Protocadherin (AXPC) regulates cell fate during
notochordal morphogenesis. Developmental Dynamics. 240(11):2495-504.
Chen, X., Koh, E., Yoder, M.D., and Gumbiner, BM. (2009). A protocadherin-cadherin-FLRT3 complex
controls cell adhesion and morphogenesis. PLOS One. 4(12): e8411.