Matthew Gifford, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

LSC 120

(501) 450-5927


Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008

Postdoctoral Research, University of Minnesota, 2008-2009

Started at UCA in 2014


Courses Taught:

Animal Physiology

Animal Ecological Physiology

Structure and Function of the Human Body I & II


Research Interests:

Evolution, ecology, functional biology, physiology, reptiles, amphibians, occasionally other ectotherms


Research Webpage:


Selected Publications:

Korfel, C., J.D. Chamberlain, M.E. Gifford (in press) A test of energetic trade-offs between growth and immune function in watersnakes. Oecologia.

Gifford, M.E. (in press) Physiology of plethodontid salamanders: A call for increased efforts. Copeia.

Verble-Pearson, R., M.E. Gifford, S.P. Yanoviak. 2015. A phylogenetic analysis of thermal tolerance and body size in ants. Journal of Thermal Biology.

Brewster, C.L., R.S. Sikes, M.E. Gifford. 2014. Body size and growth of the Eastern Collared Lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) in central Arkansas. Herpetological Review.

Diamond, K., D. Trovilion, K.E. Allen, K.M. Malela, D.A. Noble, R. Powell, D. Eifler, M.E. Gifford*. 2014. Individual (co)variation of field behavior and locomotor performance in curly-tailed lizards. Journal of Zoology.

Careau, V., M.E. Gifford, P. Biro. 2014. Individual (co)variation in thermal reaction norms: standard and maximal metabolic rates in wild-caught salamanders. Functional Ecology 28:1175-1186.