Jeffrey Padberg, Ph.D.

Professor & Pre-Dentistry Advisor

LSC 008

(501) 852-2342


Ph.D., Neuroscience, Tulane University, 2002.

Started at UCA in 2008

Courses Taught:

Principles of Biology I

Introduction to Neuroscience

Biology for General Education


Experimental Neurobiology

Research Interests:

Comparative neurobiology

Selected Publications:

D. Cooke, J. Padberg, C. Cerkevich, J. Kaas, and L. Krubitzer (2016) “ Corticocortical connections of Brodmann’s area 5 in macaque monkeys support the existence of functionally distinct medial and lateral subdivisions.” PLoS One Under review
A. Seelke, J. Padberg, S. Purnell, G. Recanzone, and L. Krubitzer (2012). “Extreme magnification of the forelimb and hand representation in posterior parietal area 5 in macaque monkeys.” Cereb. Cortex. 22:1834-1850.