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Halvor Halvorson, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

LSC 154

(501) 852-1280


B.A. St. Olaf College, 2011
Ph.D. University of Arkansas, 2016
Postdoctoral Research, University of Southern Mississippi, 2016-2019
Started at UCA in 2019


Courses Taught:

General Ecology

Environmental Practicum

Research Interests:

Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, nutrition, stream ecology, aquatic invertebrates, microbial ecology


Laboratory Website:


Selected Publications:

Halvorson, H.M., C.L. Fuller, S.A. Entrekin, J.T. Scott, and M.A. Evans-White. 2019. Interspecific homeostatic regulation and growth across aquatic invertebrate detritivores: a test of ecological stoichiometry theory. Oecologia 190: 229-242.
Halvorson, H.M., J.R. Barry, M.B. Lodato, R.H. Findlay, S.N Francoeur, and K.A. Kuehn. 2019. Periphytic algae decouple fungal activity from litter decomposition via negative priming. Functional Ecology 33: 188-201.
Halvorson, H.M., C.L. Fuller, S.A. Entrekin, J.T. Scott, and M.A. Evans-White. 2018. Detrital nutrient content and leaf species differentially affect growth and nutritional regulation of detritivores. Oikos 127: 1471-1481.
Halvorson, H.M., E. Sperfeld, and M.A. Evans-White. 2017. Quantity and quality limit detritivore growth: mechanisms revealed by ecological stoichiometry and co-limitation theory. Ecology 98: 2995-3002.
Halvorson, H.M., D.J. Hall*, and M.A. Evans-White. 2017. Long-term stoichiometry and fates highlight animal egestion as nutrient repackaging, not recycling, in aquatic ecosystems. Functional Ecology 31: 1802-1812.