How A Valuable Photography Collection Found A Home at the Baum Gallery

Dr. Hunter-Stiebel and Gerald Stiebel; A Gift of Historic American and European Photographs » By Avery Rudolph, Senior Undergrad Student | Art History » In early 2019, the Baum Gallery received a call from a familiar name, Gerald Stiebel - a fourth generation art dealer that was originally b … [Read more...]

Arkansas Governor’s Award 2022

Feature Article » By Bryan Massey, Chair | Professor or Art, Sculpture » Bryan W. Massey, Sr, Professor of Sculpture and Department Chair was selected and commissioned to design and create the Arkansas Arts Council 2022 Arkansas Governors Awards. The sculpture weighs 3.5 lbs and is a … [Read more...]

Emergent Art, a new digital media course

Feature Article » By Scott Meador, Professor of Art, Digital » Scott Meador’s Emergent Art studio course is underway for the first time this spring semester. Emergent Art provides a cross-disciplinary exploration of emergent digital practices of technologies or methods for making. Students res … [Read more...]

UCA Art Education on the National Stage

Feature Article » By Trina Harlow, Assistant Professor of Art, Art Education » UCA Art Education on the National Stage In January of 2021, I was elected to serve on the National Art Education Association’s National Board of Directors as the Higher Ed Division Director-Elect. I attended my first na … [Read more...]

Ways Biophilic Design Promotes Human Health and Well-being

Feature Article » By Jennifer Whitehead, ID Program Director, Clinical Instructor » Ways Biophilic Design Promotes Human Health and Well-being Humans are typically creatures of habit. The majority of us are drawn to the outdoors to embrace the freedom that nature provides us. The beauty of n … [Read more...]

It’s always easier when you quit

Feature Article » By Steven Overturf, Bachelor of Art, Graphic Design Emphasis 2014 » It’s always easier when you quit I walked into UCA in 2010 with a mindset, like most college students, to give everything I did my all — whatever that means. To say that I did would be a lie. Did I put a lot … [Read more...]

New Courses in Digital Media

Feature Article » By Scott Meador, Associate Professor of Art, Digital » 3D Animation, Time-Based Media, Interactivity, and Emergent Art are four new courses that are expanding the technology-oriented course options in the Art and Design curriculum. They are a fine arts-oriented approach to 2D a … [Read more...]

Introducing Dr. Harlow

Feature Article » By Jeff Young, Professor of Art, Art Education » The Department of Art and Design welcomes Dr. Trina Harlow to UCA. Dr. Harlow joins the faculty as a tenure-track assistant professor of art education this fall. Her background and experience in teaching make her a welcome a … [Read more...]

Approaching Art Education with an Adapted 2020 Focus

Feature Article » By Jeff Young and Dr. Trina Harlow, Professors of Art, Art Education » In each fall newsletter, we like to start by congratulating recent graduates who secured teaching positions as art teachers. Each earned the B.A. in Art: Art Education Emphasis, with the exception of A … [Read more...]

Lessons from the Suffrage Centennial Project

Feature Article » By Gayle Seymour, Associate Dean CAHSS | Professor of Art, Art History » In early 2019, a friend asked me what UCA was doing to mark the suffrage centennial in 2020. What a fantastic opportunity, I thought, to use the arts—sculpture, fibers, clay, graphic design, music, vid … [Read more...]