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UCA Art Education on the National Stage

Feature Article » By Trina Harlow, Assistant Professor of Art, Art Education » UCA Art Education on the National Stage In January of 2021, I was elected to serve on the National Art Education Association’s National Board of Directors as the Higher Ed Division Director-Elect. I attended my first na … [Read more...]

Ways Biophilic Design Promotes Human Health and Well-being

Feature Article » By Jennifer Whitehead, ID Program Director, Clinical Instructor » Ways Biophilic Design Promotes Human Health and Well-being Humans are typically creatures of habit. The majority of us are drawn to the outdoors to embrace the freedom that nature provides us. The beauty of n … [Read more...]

It’s always easier when you quit

Feature Article » By Steven Overturf, Bachelor of Art, Graphic Design Emphasis 2014 » It’s always easier when you quit I walked into UCA in 2010 with a mindset, like most college students, to give everything I did my all — whatever that means. To say that I did would be a lie. Did I put a lot … [Read more...]

New Courses in Digital Media

Feature Article » By Scott Meador, Associate Professor of Art, Digital » 3D Animation, Time-Based Media, Interactivity, and Emergent Art are four new courses that are expanding the technology-oriented course options in the Art and Design curriculum. They are a fine arts-oriented approach to 2D a … [Read more...]

Introducing Dr. Harlow

Feature Article » By Jeff Young, Professor of Art, Art Education » The Department of Art and Design welcomes Dr. Trina Harlow to UCA. Dr. Harlow joins the faculty as a tenure-track assistant professor of art education this fall. Her background and experience in teaching make her a welcome a … [Read more...]

Approaching Art Education with an Adapted 2020 Focus

Feature Article » By Jeff Young and Dr. Trina Harlow, Professors of Art, Art Education » In each fall newsletter, we like to start by congratulating recent graduates who secured teaching positions as art teachers. Each earned the B.A. in Art: Art Education Emphasis, with the exception of A … [Read more...]

Lessons from the Suffrage Centennial Project

Feature Article » By Gayle Seymour, Associate Dean CAHSS | Professor of Art, Art History » In early 2019, a friend asked me what UCA was doing to mark the suffrage centennial in 2020. What a fantastic opportunity, I thought, to use the arts—sculpture, fibers, clay, graphic design, music, vid … [Read more...]

United: The Acorn Project

Feature Article » By Liz Smith, Associate Chair | Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics » United: The Acorn Project, a collaborative ground mural made up of thousands of hand-made ceramic acorns in an array of skin toned hues and varied forms was created by a large and diverse array of i … [Read more...]

Meet Marko Monroe LIZZO’s Stylist

Feature Article » By Liz Smith, Associate Chair | Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics » Marko Monroe is currently the stylist for Grammy Award winning artist LIZZO. I had the pleasure of interviewing Marko who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in sculpture from UCA i … [Read more...]

Ray Ogar’s Zero Landmass Archive

Feature Article » By Ray Ogar, Associate Professor of Art, Graphic Design » Faculty Report ... 3609 pages. 5 Volumes. 24,000 image fragments. 3650 days. 5124 compositions (edited down to 1500). 1232 lost hours of sleep. 1 million dreams. Welcome to the Zero Landmass Archive. More than … [Read more...]