Major Advancement Portfolio Review for Studio Art Students

The Department of Art and Design requires each studio and art education student to complete an individual review, the Major Advancement Portfolio Review (MAP), in their third semester of the program. Advancement to an art & design degree program is based in part on this review. This review is to provide the serious art student with an opportunity to present a portfolio of work for discussion and comment by members of the art & design faculty, and to explain and assist the student in developing goals and objectives which center on an education in the visual arts. The interview enables you (the student) to demonstrate an ability to address the fundamental concerns of the visual arts at the university level. In addition, you will have an opportunity to discuss your work and explain your educational and career objectives. A Faculty committee will make one of the following decisions regarding your review: (1) to provide a positive recommendation for advancement through one of the degree programs in art & design; (2) to provide a recommendation that indicates sections noted for improvement and must resubmit portfolio in one year, according to the guidelines set by the faculty panel, or (3) to provide a negative recommendation that indicates critical need for improvement, and student is required to resubmit a portfolio in one year, that satisfactorily addresses all issues noted in the first review.

Please check back later for more updates. If have any questions regarding this process, please email current MAP coordinator Holly Laws (

The dates for future MAP review are listed on the student deadlines page