The Sentinel, Standing Guard (NCCCIAP)

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The Sentinel

The Sentinel – Bryan Massey

Sculpture – Bryan Massey

The National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices (NCCCIAP) was held in Birmingham, AL for the first time face-to-face since the Pandemic. We had over 400 participants at the conference from all over the United States and Ireland. I was the recipient of The Charles Hook Award at the last face-to-face conference in 2019 (Virtual Conference in 2021). “This award is named for the long-time Sculpture Professor at Florida State University, Charles Hook. Professor Hook traveled and showed his work internationally throughout his career. He built a legacy of students continuing to create sculptures as professional artists to this day. This award is given to those who show dedication to the field of iron casting and devotion to their colleagues and the iron casting community. Recipients receive a conference scholarship, a solo exhibition at Sloss Furnaces, and a $500 honorarium. Each honoree is invited to give a presentation on their work at the following NCCCIAP in conjunction with their exhibition” (NCCCIAP, 2023).

Sentinel  – Bryan Massey

My Sculpture, The Sentinel, Standing Guard is the inaugural piece for the new Sculpture Garden at SLOSS. It will be displayed at the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark for two years until the NCCCIAP 2025 in April. The sculpture stands nearly 14″ tall and weighs approximately 1700 lbs (14′ x 2′ x 18″). It is a combination of fabricated steel and carved Arkansas (triangular shapes on the side) and Indiana Limestone (top crown 278 lbs) on a steel base anchored to the concrete base. The body is painted Pure Red and the steel base is painted Pure Black.