First-Year Experience

Foundations in Art and Design at UCA

Whether this is your first semester in college, or you are a transfer or returning student, all art and design majors and minors begin their studies as part of the foundations program.

What can I make with a mixture of glue, toilet paper, and flour? What does it look like when I draw with bits of burnt wood from my fireplace at home? How does it feel to make a drawing with my toes?

The foundation year is an opportunity to experiment with physical processes and ideation methods that are unusual or new to you. Over the course of the year, the emphasis is not on making perfect objects, but on developing critical and creative thinking skills so that when you move to the major studio areas, you are prepared to explore the depths of your interests.

Unique Features

  • Work directly with several different advanced studio faculty throughout the year.
  • Experiment with multi-disciplinary projects including studies in 4D and animation.
  • Participate in collaborative and immersive studio projects.
  • Share your work with exhibition and publication opportunities.
  • Explore website design and build website development skills.
  • Join a community that supports the development of your individual goals and aspirations.

Epilogue Exhibition Archive

The epilogue exhibition is an annual showcase of foundation student artwork.

Current Student Resources