Fine Arts

fine-arts-drawingThe B.A. in Art with an emphasis in fine arts is a liberal arts course of study for students with a strong commitment to making art. Studio and art history courses provide a broad, holistic education in the visual arts without a specific career focus.


Degree Requirements

Fine Arts Emphasis (48 hours of Art)

The program is 120 semester credit hours, including at least 40 upper-division credit hours. The degree requires 48 hours of art (39 credit hours in studio and 9 hours in art history), 35 hours of UCA Core courses (the fine arts requirement is not required for art majors – completion of the major fulfills the requirement), 3 hours of foreign language at the 2000 level, and a minor. Art courses must follow a prerequisite structure. To fulfill the minimum required 120 hours needed for the degree, students may use 6 hours of foreign language prerequisites, if needed, and minor or elective courses to equal 120 hours. See additional information about minors and foreign language prerequisites on the Program Completion Plan.

In order to complete the state-mandated minimum number of hours for core requirements in general education, art majors are required to complete a Humanities course in either the Diversity category or in the Responsible Living category.


Downloads and Links

To download BA/Fine Art Emphasis Checklist, click here: Fine Art Emphasis

To download pdf of the UCA Core Checklist, click here: Lower-Division UCA Core Check Sheet

To download Fine Arts Academic Map, click here: Academic Map-BA Fine Art

 BA vs BFA

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For detailed course information and descriptions, see Courses in Art