The Service-Learning Program assesses courses at the end of each semester in a number of ways. All faculty assessment data should be delivered to Dr. Lesley Graybeal, Service-Learning Program Coordinator each semester. Thank you for your assistance!

  • Students: Designated service-learning courses have specific service-learning related evaluation questions delivered to students through SmartEvals (linked below for your reference).
  • Faculty: Service-learning faculty are asked to use an appropriate reflection artifact from their service-learning courses and the assessment rubric (below) to assess service-learning outcomes. Faculty are also asked to submit their responses to a short survey at the end of each semester in which they teach a service-learning course.
  • Community Partners: The Service-Learning Program Coordinator will follow up with all community partners at the end of each semester to seek their evaluations of the service-learning program.

Service-Learning Assessment Plan

Service-Learning Assessment Rubric

Service-Learning SmartEvals Questions