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The piano program at the University of Central Arkansas is outstanding in the southern United States. Thirty minutes from the capital, Little Rock, and the Ozark Mountain parks, UCA has produced pianists who have won top prizes in the East-West Artist Auditions in New York City, the Clara Wells International Piano Competition, and numerous regional competitions.


Expectations are high for the students, who have the opportunity to study with Carl Anthony, Stefanie Dickinson, Kazuo Murakami, or Neil Rutman. There is a strong camaraderie among student pianists, both undergraduate and graduate, who come from as far away as Canada, China, Japan, Greece, Malaysia, Bulgaria, as well as the mid south. Ample opportunity is provided for performance majors to participate in master classes, university, local, and regional competitions, as well as weekly student public performances. Degrees for pianists include the Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance [3.1.2], the Bachelor of Music in Music Education [3.1.1] (Instrumental and Vocal tracks available) and the Bachelor of Arts in Music [3.2.1].




Christine Franklin (class piano)

Terrie Shires (class piano)




Piano majors in the BM must perform THREE works from the list below and BME and Bachelor of Arts with Piano Emphasis must perform TWO works from the list below.


* An etude by either Chopin or Moszkowski

* A major work from the Baroque period

* A major work from the Classical period

* A major work from the Romantic period

* A major work from the French Impressionists or the later 20th century


All works must be performed by memory. Both Piano Majors and BME Piano will be asked to sight read and BME and BA will be asked to play major and minor scales and arpeggios at two or three octaves. To guarantee placement with private piano instructors, BME and BA candidates should ensure that the selections are not too simple. A major work for the BME and BA degree will not be as complex as for the BM performance degree, but BME and BA candidates should avoid the short two-page pieces from standard classical anthologies. Popular and religious arrangements are not acceptable for auditions.


Audition dates are posted on the Music Dept. webpage. To enquire about an audition, please either call the Music Department at 501-450-3163 or contact Dr. Neil Rutman at 501- 450-5767 or neilr@uca.edu.