2016 Journal

2016 Full Edition

 Editors Note, Tucker Staley, Ph.D., pp.i-ii

Within Reason, Francis Benton, pp. 1-41

 Buddhism, Jonathon Bowman, pp. 42-57

 Challenging Conventions, Haley Coster, pp. 58-67

Through the Looking Glass, Haley Coster, pp. 68-77

 America Gets Off, Brick Cullum, pp. 78-94

Invisible Wounds of War, Keith Dove, pp. 95-161

Individuality, Peyton Ellis, pp. 162-170

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Molly Mae Henager, pp. 171-177

School Choice Programs , Meredith Herring, pp. 178-198

 Stalingrad is Hell, Davis Liddil, pp. 199-217

Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach, Maleka Momand, pp. 218-238

Beyond the Mask, Christa Wilson, pp. 219-232