Student Forms

Please note that our official means of communication is through the student’s UCA email account.  The student may access the status of their financial aid application and award information through the UCA self service portal myUCA.

For instructions and information to sign up for direct deposit of your excess aid, should you have it, please visit

Notice the Optional Forms section.  We strongly encourage all students to complete the Release of Information document if they want to allow parents, spouses or other parties to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss the financial aid application of the student.


2019-2020 forms are for Fall 2019, Spring 2020 & Summer 2020

Required Reading 1920

2018 – 2019 

2018-2019 forms are for Fall 2018, Spring 2019 & Summer 2019

Release of Information 1819  **Beginning with the 18/19 aid year, this form will be good for multiple years **

Required Reading 1819

Only submit the forms listed below if requested by the Office of Student Financial Aid

Appeal Spring 2019

Child Support Paid 1819

High School Completion Status 1819

Household Resources and Family Income 1819

Household Size Worksheet 1819

Identity Statement (Notarized) 1819

Identity Statement (Sign in office) 1819

Parent Income Verification Form 1819

SNAP Food Stamps Received 1819

Student Income Verification Form 1819

Verification of Independent Status 1819