Student Forms

NEW! Beginning with the 14/15 academic year, students will need to electronically authorize their federal financial aid to pay for charges other than tuition/fees and room/board. In addition, students may authorize the use of current year excess aid to pay minor prior year charges. Students will complete the authorizations on myUCA at the following links:

  Self Service l Student/Financial Aid l Financial Aid l Award l Award for Aid Year l Resources/Additional Information

Please note that if you do not authorize the Student Accounts to use federal funds for these purposes, you may potentially receive excess aid and still owe a bill to the institution. Owing a bill to the institution will affect your ability to enroll at UCA or to have access to official academic records.

2014-2015 For Fall 2014 Enrollment

Required Reading 1415

Only submit these forms if requested by the Office of Student Financial Aid

Child Support Paid 1415

Grad Plus Pre-Application 1415

High School Completion Status 1415

Household Resources & Family Income 1415

Household Size Worksheet 1415

Identity Statement 1415

Parent Income Verification Form 1415

Parent Plus Pre-Application 1415

SNAP Food Stamps Received 1415

Student Income Verification Form 1415

Suspension Appeal Fall 2014

Tax Extension Instructions 1415

Title IV Authorization Change Form 1415

Optional forms

Release of Information 1415

Summer 2014

Parent Plus Pre-Application Summer 2014

Summer Financial Aid Data Form

Suspension Appeal Summer 2014

2013 – 2014 For Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 Enrollment

Child Support Paid 1314 (PDF)

Financial Aid Data Form (PDF)

High School Completion Status 1314 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet 1314 (PDF)

Identity Statement 1314 (PDF)

Parent Income Verification Form 1314 (PDF)

SNAP/Food Stamps Verification 1314 (PDF)

Student Income Verification Form 1314 (PDF)

Additional Forms

Academic Challenge Scholarship Requirements

ACT 341 – Academic Challenge Volunteer Opportunity Protocol

ACT 341 – Academic Challenge Volunteer Opportunity Cooperative Tutoring Agreement