Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Group counseling is helpful to many students given that they are provided the opportunity to interact with others who have similar life experiences. Validation and feedback can be immediate allowing for quick growth in a safe and supportive environment.  Group counseling also gives you the opportunity to practice new behaviors, gain  feedback from peers, and learn from their experiences. Most importantly, you will recognize that you are not alone.  

Each group is led by a senior staff counselor.  For more information about a group or to check whether a group has openings for the semester please contact the staff associated with the particular group via e-mail.  For general information regarding groups please call 501-450-3138.

Fall 2018 Groups:

Me Too Support Group – Welcoming of all genders this is for any survivor of sexual assault, rape, childhood sexual molestation, and/or harassment.  Members will explore their experiences, learn how past experiences are affecting their current life, and gain strength by knowing that you are not alone.  This group will be led  by Dr. Susan Sobel and will meet on Tuesday at X-Period in the Counseling Center, suite 327.  If interested please contact Dr. Sobel at to schedule a 15-minute intake session.  This group will start on September 25th.

If You’re Anxious and You Know it Join This Group – We all experience anxiety at various times in our lives and there are moments when it can be so overwhelming that it interferes with out daily living. Learn how to manage your anxiety through mindfulness exercises, cognitive restructuring, and self-care.  Led by Jason Ribbing and Reesa Ramsahai, this group will meet on Fridays at 2:00 pm.   E-mail Reesa at to schedule a 15-minute intake session.  This group will start on Friday, September 21st.