Dr. Mauldin

Robert Mauldin



Laney Annex130

(501) 852-0692

On July 1, 2009, I joined UCA as Professor and Chair in the Department of Chemistry. In this capacity, I teach half-time in the department and spend the rest of my time serving as an advocate for our department in the capacity as department chair. For the next year or so, I plan to teach general chemistry. Eventually, I hope to teach analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemistry in society. I have conducted research in a variety of topics in environmental chemistry, including the fate of herbicides, the study of pollution brought about by the combustion of coal, and the production of ground-level ozone. Lately, my interests have expanded to include the development of new teaching labs and mechanisms to assess learning in chemistry and the sciences. In 2006, I co-authored the book, Understanding Scientific Reasoning. I am currently working on incorporating the principles of scientific reasoning as outlined in this book in the education of science journalists.

Mauldin CV 2014

Chemistry 1450 Syllabus Fall 2014 Mauldin TTh

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