Patrick J. Desrochers

Chair and Professor

Laney-Manion 205

(501) 450-5936

Research: Work in my lab involves the coordination chemistry of metal ions.
These include early and late transition metals from chromium and molybdenum,
through iron and rhodium, to nickel, copper, and zinc. When properly controlled,
these ions elicit desirable behavior like amino acid selectivity (nickel),
heterogeneous polymerization catalysis (rhodium), interesting magnetic
characteristics (iron), and reversible binding of small molecules and substrates
(CO, NH3, BH4, HCCH; nickel, copper, chromium) of interest in industrial
reactions and hydrogen-rich storage materials. This control results from using
facial scorpionate chelates that are specifically designed for electronic, steric,
and reusable ultility. Most recently work in my lab has focused on anchoring
these chemical systems to plastic substrates to improve their recyclability and
use in applications ranging from protein purification to small-molecule sensors,
reusable heterogeneous catalysts, and tailored magnetic materials.
Teaching: I am interested in chemical education and science literacy across a
wide spectrum of courses and target audiences.  Courses I teach include:
Fundamentals of Chemistry (1301), Chemistry in Society (1400), General
Chemistry I & II (1450,1451), Intermediate Inorganic (3360), Advanced Inorganic
(4380 lecture, 3150 lab), Bioinorganic (as special topics, 4385).

My current cv is available on my webpage.  More information is also posted on my web page.