The "Pre-Med Club" at UCA is a chartered pre-med chapter of the national organization called the American Medical Student Association (AMSA).  Our members pay $35 dues directly to AMSA for one year of membership, $55 for two years, $65 for three years, and $75 for four years.  On a national level, AMSA is dedicated to giving medical and premedical students a voice in the social and political structure of the US.  AMSA is involved with creating equality in healthcare, pushing legislative bills that will aid in gaining healthcare for all, and helping medical and premedical students become better doctors and people.  Members of AMSA also get benefits such as discounted rates at choice hotels and rental car agencies, discounted Geico car insurance, and $200 off of any Kaplan MCAT course.  Every year we try to send some of our members to the regional and national AMSA conventions to attend workshops, fairs, and informational sessions about medical school and the healthcare profession.  On a more local level (which is where our club is generally focused) our club is designed to provide our members with insights into, not only how to get into medical school, but how to succeed in it and the healthcare profession.  We bring in speakers such as current medical students, local doctors from different specialties, and alternative healthcare career choices to give our members a first hand idea of what daily life in those professions will be like.  We also have informational meetings to go over things such as resume building, MCAT tutorials, and med school timelines.  In addition to our regular meetings, we usually have 1-2 community service projects available to our members throughout the semester.

We have meetings every other Thursday in LSC 100 at X-period.  (The next one will be on February 12th.)  Dues for AMSA are outlined above, but we also have $10 club fees to help fund the club.  Again, I will get the dates and schedules for upcoming meetings to you when they are decided and I will look for the charter in digital form.  If you have any more questions just let me know!  Thank you for your interest in the club!

If anyone needs info on how to sign up they can contact Angela Gortney, or Dr. Zaida Gomez-Kramer