Reid Adams, Ph.D.

Professor, Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator

LSC 123

(501) 450-5933


Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 2004

Started at UCA in 2003

Courses Taught:



Vertebrate Zoology

Research Interests:

Fish and macroinvertebrate community structure in riparian wetlands having varying hydrologic connection frequencies with the Arkansas River- Spatial and temporal patterns of fish distribution and abundance within a floodplain wetland mosaic adjacent to the Mississippi River- Aspects of reproduction and early life history of the alligator gar in the Fourche La Fave River, Arkansas- Reproductive biology and diet of spotted, shortnose, and longnose gars in the Fourche La Fave River, Arkansas- Life history and conservation of the spring cavefish in Illinois and Missouri- Reproduction and ammocoete development of the southern brook lamprey in Cadron Creek, Arkansas.

Lab Website:

Selected Publications:

Adams, S.R., M.D. Schroeder, R.L. Clark, and B.S. Williams. Fish assemblages across a riparian wetland connectivity gradient in the lower Arkansas River floodplain. Wetlands. (in review)

Flinn, M.B., S.R. Adams, M.R. Whiles, and J.E. Garvey. Biological responses to backwater hydrologic gradients in an Upper Mississippi River navigation pool. Environmental Management. (in press)

Adams, S.R., M.B. Flinn, B.M. Burr, M.R. Whiles, and J.E. Garvey. 2006. Ecology of larval blue sucker (Cycleptus elongatus) in the Mississippi River. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 15:291-300.

Flinn, M.B., M.R. Whiles, S.R. Adams, and J.E. Garvey. 2005. Macroinvertebrate and zooplankton responses to emergent plant production in upper Mississippi River floodplain wetlands. Archiv Fur Hydrobiologie 162:187-210.

Adams, S.R., G.L. Adams, and J.J. Hoover. 2003. Oral grasping: a distinctive behavior of cyprinids for maintaining station in flowing water. Copeia 2003(4):851-857.

Adams, S.R., G.L. Adams, and G.R. Parsons. 2003. Critical swimming speed and swimming behavior of juvenile shovelnose sturgeon and pallid sturgeon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 132:392-397.