Middle Level Education


Program Coordinator:  Steve Ward (wards@uca.edu)
Phone:  (501) 450-5848

The transitional years between childhood and adolescence are critical to a child’’s development. If you are interested in teaching students in grades 4-8 and are a caring, energetic, and creative person, the Middle Level Education major at the University of Central Arkansas can prepare you with the skills and experience you need to impact the lives of your students. Your degree will prepare you to enter graduate and professional programs, or begin your career as a middle level teacher with the ability to test up or down into other grades and subjects.

While we welcome any out of state candidates, completion of any program, other than an initial licensure program, may not lead to licensure or endorsement in Arkansas or in the state in which you reside. It is your responsibility to check with your state’s department of education to determine if the license or endorsement requirements are met through the program of study. If you are a potential out of state candidate, please contact the program coordinator directly. 

To read more about the UCA Middle Level Education program, select Programs from the horizontal menu above, then Undergraduate, and then Middle Level Education.  You’ll find information about the six degree options, program admission,  & Praxis requirements.

The undergraduate Middle Level Education program at the University of Central Arkansas is proud to be an approved awareness pathway in knowledge and practice of the Science of Reading.

Act 1063 of 2017, the Right to Read Act states: “By the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year: A) All teachers employed in a teaching position that requires an elementary education (K-6) license or special education (K-12) license shall demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and practices of scientific reading instruction; and B) All other teachers shall demonstrate awareness in knowledge and practices of scientific reading instruction.