Middle/Secondary Education (MSIT)

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[1] Courses in Middle/Secondary Education (MSIT)

3310 LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT This course is designed to enable candidates to analyze, use, and incorporate an inclusive understanding of key theories of learning and how these theories deal with principles of development and influence teacher decision making for middle-grade and secondary students. The methodology used will model developmentally appropriate middle-level and secondary instructional strategies. Various teaching practices may be used such as cooperative learning, small and large group work, individual study, presentations, and simulations. Field Experiences. [UD UCA Core: D, R]

3320 INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING AT THE MIDDLE LEVEL This course is an introductory course in middle level education. It will provide an overview of the characteristics of a middle school program as compared to the traditional junior high program.  Alternative assessment strategies will be examined as well as components of scheduling, curriculum design, and strategies for working with a uniquely diverse population. Field Experiences.

4305 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT This course focuses on principles of classroom organization and management, building classroom rapport, fostering human relations skills, developing preventive approaches to classroom discipline, and using alternative classroom discipline approaches. Field Experiences. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.

4310 INTEGRATED METHODS FOR LANGUAGE ARTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES This course serves as a study of methods used in the teaching of middle-level language arts and social studies. It addresses basic models, strategies, and skills necessary for teaching language arts and social studies in an integrated curriculum.

4311 INTERNSHIP I This course is part of the senior block for candidates in middle level education. Course involves field projects, field seminars, and supervised teaching where candidates gain knowledge of middle-school history and philosophy and gain experience in organizing instruction, in creating a productive learning environment, and in achieving professional behaviors. Field Experiences. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.

4312 STRATEGIES FOR READING AND WRITING ASSESSMENT AND INSTRUCTION Theory, demonstration, and practice/performance in group and individual procedures, assessment, strategies, and techniques of diagnosis and correction of reading/writing difficulties. Course taken concurrently with MSIT 4311. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.

4321 CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT Upper level study of the design, implementation, and analysis of classroom assessment strategies and instruments in the middle and secondary classroom. The course will include lecture, discussion, collaboration, and field experiences.  Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. [UD UCA Core: I]

4325 DISCIPLINARY LITERACY This course is intended to equip teacher candidates with research-based strategies for addressing literacy in the content classroom and supply the candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to plan and teach within an integrated context. Candidates will participate as members of interdisciplinary teams in the design of lesson activities and integration of literacy strategies that cross disciplinary lines. This course will include lecture, discussion, group work, and field experiences. [UD UCA Core: C]

4328 ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING IN MIDDLE LEVEL CONTENT SPECIFIC CLASSROOMS Teacher candidates preparing to teach in middle level content specific classrooms will examine and experience advanced teaching and learning strategies necessary for contemporary middle level learners. Candidates will gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques appropriate for effective teaching and learning in language arts, math, science, and social studies classrooms. Course taken concurrently with MSIT 4311. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.

4T90 INTERNSHIP II This course involves teaching under supervision in a public middle school (grades 4-8). Requires full-day involvement and seminars. Prerequisite: Completion of all designated professional education and specialty courses. [UD UCA Core: Z]