Middle Level Degree Options

There are six Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree tracks offered through the Middle Level Education major at UCA. The tracks are concentrations, based on combinations of middle level core content areas.  Students must choose one track on which to focus their preparation toward an initial teaching license and completion of the degree. Click on the name of the track to see specific course and degree requirements.  Upon completion of an initial license, students may add content areas by passing state approved standardized Praxis subject exams.

For information about admission to the teacher education programs at UCA, visit The Office of Candidate Services and review the Admission Requirements. The admission requirements are the same across all UCA College of Education initial teacher licensure programs, with the exception of the Candidate Review which varies by program.

The Candidate Review for the UCA Middle Level Education program may be completed through one of two pathways:

  1. Successful (C or better) completion of MSIT 3320 Introduction to Teaching at the Middle Level
  2. Completion of a formal Candidate Review process that includes solicitation of faculty recommendations, written essays, and a formal interview with Department of Teaching & Learning faculty

For information about the UCA Middle Level Education Candidate Review admission requirement, contact the program coordinator, Noël Gieringer: ngieringer@uca.edu


Language Arts + Mathematics

Language Arts + Science

Language Arts + Social Studies

Mathematics + Science

Mathematics + Social Studies

Science + Social Studies