Program Admission & Praxis Information

Program Admission

All teacher education programs at UCA include a set of program admission requirements. For more information about program admission, retention, and exit requirements, visit the link below:

Office of Candidate Services Admission, Retention, and Exit Requirements page

NOTE: The “candidate review” required for Gate 1 admission for the UCA Middle Level Education program is successful completion of MSIT 3320 Introduction to Teaching at the Middle Level.  Contact program coordinator Noël Gieringer for more information:

Praxis Subject Assessments

UCA Middle Level Education majors must earn a designated “internship minimum” score or higher on each of two Praxis subject assessments in order to be eligible for placement in Internship II (student teaching semester). Minimum scores must be earned by specified dates on the two subject assessments that match each candidate’s individually chosen content concentration areas. See the link below for dates and internship minimum scores:

Office of Candidate Services Internship II Eligibility page

NOTE: Candidates must earn the “licensing minimum” to meet requirements for earning their Arkansas teacher’s license at the end of Internship II (pending completion of all other program completion and state licensing requirements).

For information about the Praxis assessments required by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and the UCA College of Education, visit the link below:

Office of Candidate Services Testing Information page

Candidates are strongly encouraged to prepare in advance for Praxis subject assessments. See the link below for more information about preparation support:

Office of Candidate Services Study Guide page

Praxis Pedagogy Exam (Principles of Learning and Teaching)

The UCA Middle Level Education program does not currently require a Praxis pedagogy exam (PLT). Instead, candidates must successfully complete a summative evaluation at the end of Internship II aligned with the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS).