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Program Admission & Praxis Information

Program Admission

All teacher education programs at UCA include a set of program admission requirements in the form of four gates. A middle level education major at UCA should begin working toward Gate 1 admission as soon as he/she is enrolled in courses at the university.  It is important for students to achieve Gate 1 admission prior or during Year 3 (see Middle Level Degree Options page) since several courses included in the second semester of Year 3 require Gate 1 admission for registration. Follow the link below to learn more about Gate 1 admission.

UCA College of Education Gate 1 Admission

Gate 2 is admission into Internship I, the first of two school-based internships and part of coursework in the senior year.  In order to pass Gate 2, students must first successfully complete MSIT 3320 Introduction to Middle Level Education and complete an interview with the program coordinator.  Contact Steve Ward for more information:

Praxis Information

CORE: Beginning teachers in all content areas must pass all three Praxis™ Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) tests. Follow the link below to find information about the content of the three tests (click on the name of each exam highlighted in blue), test fees, test centers, test dates, and how to register for an exam.

Arkansas Praxis Test Requirements
Praxis Resources

PRAXIS II: In order to be licensed as a middle level teacher in Arkansas, students must pass specific Praxis II content exams and a Praxis II pedagogy exam.

Praxis Content Exams

At the end of Year 3 or near the start of Year 4, a middle level education student at UCA must take the Praxis II content exams that match the two subject areas he/she chose when selecting a degree track.  (See Middle Level Degree Options page.)

In order to begin Internship II, a student must have attempted the Praxis II content exams for both subjects in his/her degree plan.  For example, a UCA Middle Level Mathematics + Language Arts major must attempt both the Middle School Mathematics exam and Middle School English Language Arts exam prior to the start of Internship II.  In order to qualify for a teaching license after graduation, a student must have passed both Praxis II content exams.

Follow the link below for information about these exams.  Click on Middle School Education.  Click the test names to learn specifics about each exam.

Arkansas Praxis Test Requirements

Praxis Pedagogy Exam (Principles of Learning and Teaching)

In order to be eligible for a teaching license, a student must submit passing scores for the Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching exam (PLT).  UCA middle level education students are encouraged to take the PLT just prior to or within the first two months of the Internship II semester.  Submission of passing scores for the PLT are NOT required to begin Internship II.

Follow the link below for information about this exam.  Click on Middle School Education.  Click on Principles of Learning and Teaching (Grades 5-9).

Arkansas Praxis Test Requirements