Financial Adjustment Appeal

Students withdrawing from the current semester for one of the following reasons should visit with the Dean of Students or visit the Dean of Students website.

  • A serious medical issue
  • Mental health issue
  • Death of a close family relative (parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, or engaged person)


 Financial Adjustment Appeal through Student Accounts

Students must be officially withdrawn from the class(es) or must not have received credit (A,B,C, or D letter grade) for the class(es) for which they are requesting a financial adjustment. If the student has not officially withdrawn or has received credit, he/she will be referred to the Registrar’s Office to withdraw, to obtain a grade change form, or to appeal to the Academic Adjustments & Appeals Committee for an after the fact withdrawal.

Valid Financial Adjustment Appeal Situations

  • Student pre-registered for classes but did not attend and has proof of non-attendance.
    • Student must submit written statements or emails from instructors, proof of enrollment at another university, or some other proof or non-attendance.
  • Student was involved with a documented medical or mental health issue for self or close family relative (accident, illness, serious injury, etc.).
    • Student must submit medical records, letters from doctors, etc…
    • If the medical issue occurred during the current semester, please see the Dean of Students to request an administrative withdrawal.
  • Student withdrew or stopped attending due to the documented death of a close family relative.
    • Student must submit documentation of the death, such as an obituary or a copy of the death certificate.

Invalid Financial Adjustment Appeal Situations

  • Financial hardships
    • All tuition, fees, room, and board are due before the first scheduled class day for each semester.  Students must be prepared to pay from other resources if financial aid is not ready for disbursement before classes start.
  • Instructional (including advising) concerns
    • Instructional concerns must be addressed through the appropriate avenue (department, college, Academic Affairs, etc…)
  • Personal reasons other than medical health issues, mental health issues, or death of a close family relative


Appeals for charges older than five years will not be accepted.

Under normal circumstances the financial adjustment appeal process is four to six weeks. The student will be notified of the Administrative Withdrawal and Financial Adjustment Appeals Committee’s decision by mail to the address listed on the financial adjustment appeal form.

The following additional items will need to be considered:
Student Housing
– If the student is living in campus housing, including apartments owned or leased by the University, the student will need to check out with housing staff as soon as possible. Once a student checks out, room and board is normally pro-rated from the time of check-out.

Financial Aid – Students who receive federal financial aid should contact the UCA Financial Aid office to see how their withdrawal or attendance stoppage may impact their financial aid status. Students who receive Title IV funds and who withdraw or stop attended classes through the 60 percent point in a semester will have their aid returned to the federal government. In such cases, the student will owe money to the University for the funds returned to the government.


 Financial Adjustment Appeal Procedure

A student must request a Financial Adjustment Appeal form from Student Accounts. It can be requested:

  • In person at the Student Accounts front desk in Bernard Hall Room 110.
  • Over the phone at (501) 450-5015. The form will be emailed or faxed to the student.
  • Via email. Please email your request to
  • If the student cannot request the form by any of these means, please send us a letter requesting the form and an address to mail it to.  Mail requests to:
UCA Student Accounts
Bernard Hall 110
University of Central Arkansas
201 Donaghey Ave


After receiving a financial adjustment appeal form, the student should fill it out and provide the most accurate explanation possible.  Along with the financial adjustment appeal form, the student should attach supporting documentation for the appeal.  Please see the Valid and Invalid Financial Adjustment Appeal Situations sections above.

Completed financial adjustment appeal forms and supporting documentation should be returned to the Student Accounts office as soon as possible to ensure prompt processing.

Once the financial adjustment appeal form and documentation are received, it is processed within Student Accounts and sent for review. A decision is then made based on the appeal materials provided. Once a decision has been made, a letter will be mailed to the student notifying them of the Administrative Withdrawal and Financial Adjustment Appeals Committee’s decision.

The entire financial adjustment appeal process takes about four to six weeks.

For any questions concerning this process, please call (501) 450-5015.