Administrative Withdrawal

Administrative withdrawals are done only in specified medical and health emergency situations or in the event of the death of a student’s immediate family member. Click the online request form below. Students seeking regular withdrawals for all other reasons may go here

The administrative withdrawal process aides currently enrolled students wishing to withdraw from ALL classes and end their enrollment for the existing term only. Administrative withdrawals cannot be done retroactively. Partial withdrawals cannot be done using the administrative withdrawal process. The Dean of Students Office can assist any student experiencing one of the following documented circumstances:

  • Physical health emergencies that prohibit course completion
  • Mental health emergencies that prohibit course completion
  • Family death (immediate family only: parent, child, sibling, spouse/fiancé or grandparent)
  • Family caretaker needs that prohibit course completion (immediate family only: parent, child, sibling, spouse/fiancé or grandparent)

With the existence of one of the aforementioned emergencies, there are two main requirements:

  • Complete the online REQUEST FORM 
  • Provide supporting documentation

Medical, mental or caretaker based withdrawals will require a letter, on letterhead, that is signed by a healthcare provider. The letter should verify that a student is unable to complete the term due to their own existing medical condition or an immediate family member’s medical condition for whom the student is a caretaker. 

Acceptable letters might state, “Bruce Bear has been experiencing a severe medical issue. Due to the medical condition, Bruce can no longer continue attending school. Please grant Bruce an administrative withdrawal for medical reasons.”

“Bruce Bear’s mother has recently been diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Due to the severity of the condition, Bruce’s mother needs a caretaker. Please grant Bruce an administrative withdrawal as he is the primary caregiver for his mom and cannot continue with classes for the semester.”

Unacceptable forms of documentation include: copies of medical bills, hospital release instructions/release papers, an outline of symptoms/diagnoses, photos of injuries or students in hospital beds and/or an outline of medical test results or medications prescribed.

Documentation for a family death can be a death certificate and/or an obituary.

An administrative withdrawal does not guarantee a zero balance on a student account or a refund. Each student’s account will be evaluated and adjusted using a proration formula. Students who reside in on-campus facilities will be responsible for charges incurred up until the time of check out.