Sharon Mason

Assistant Professor

Irby 118 D

(501) 450-3179




PhD, Indiana University, 2016 (Philosophy)

MA, Northern Illinois University, 2007 (Philosophy)


Academic Interests

Contemporary analytic epistemology, perspective, feminist epistemology, epistemologies of ignorance, social epistemology, standpoint theory, intellectual virtues, 17th and 18th century European philosophy, philosophy of food, philosophical pedagogy



My primary area of research is in contemporary epistemology (the theory of knowledge), where I focus on reflective agency, perspective, and ignorance. I am especially interested in how social location influences the way that knowledge is generated and transferred.  Much of my work addresses intersections between knowledge, ethics, and scientific inquiry. I also work on philosophical pedagogy, including writing and communication, diversifying curriculum, and the development of intellectual virtues. My regular course rotation includes Theory of Knowledge (PHIL 3341), Modern Philosophy (3302), Philosophy of Science (3380), and Philosophy for Living (1310). I have directed independent student research on Epistemic Injustice (PHIL 4300), I am a faculty associate in the STEM Residential College, and I am a faculty advisor for PhiRe Club.