Student Travel Application

2021-2022 Student Travel Application

  • e.g.: BearBones, Double Reed Club, Tuba/Euphonium Krewe, etc.
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  • If this is a conference, please remember to bring back a conference program to supply proof of attendance to the travel department.
  • Estimate of Trip Expenses

    Estimate your trip expenses to the best of your knowledge in $0.00 format. If you need assistance calculating mileage and/or meals, please contact Melody Henrie in the Music Office (501)-450-5751
  • Visit to look up governmental per diem rates in the are you are traveling to.
  • Mileage rate is currently .42 cents per mile.
  • Supporting Statement

    As a student, you are required to have a faculty member submit a statement of support for your requested trip. Please list your sponsoring faculty member below. They must submit a statement of support before your application will be considered.