Welcome to the online home of the University of Central Arkansas Percussion Studio. Whether your interest lies in being a professional percussionist, band director, college teacher, elementary educator, or if you just want to be in the marching band while you pursue other degree programs, the UCA percussion studio has a place for you. Scholarships are offered to talented percussionists regardless of their major. Graduate assistantships are also available.


All percussion majors at the University of Central Arkansas study with Dr. Blake Tyson and perform in the UCA Percussion Ensemble. Percussionists at UCA also have the opportunity to perform in the UCA Percussion Quartet, the UCA Ragtime Marimba Band and the UCA Steel Drum Band.


At the University of Central Arkansas you will find an outstanding music faculty, talented students, and a beautiful campus. I hope that you will consider joining our percussion studio and becoming part of the UCA percussion family.


Dr. Blake Tyson

Assistant Professor of Percussion




Here are some basic guidelines for your percussion audition at the University of Central Arkansas. To schedule an audition, please contact Dr. Tyson by phone or email.

For more information about Dr. Tyson, please visit




Pieces performed for All-Region and All-State auditions are acceptable for undergraduate auditions. The performance of other works is encouraged when possible. Some suggestions are given below. They are provided only as a guide. Other pieces may be used as audition material.

Snare Drum

Etudes from Portraits in Rhythm – Anthony Cirone

Etudes from Intermediate Snare Drum Studies – Mitchell Peters

Etudes from Advanced Snare Drum Studies – Mitchell Peters

A rudimental solo


Etudes from Modern Method for Xylophone – Morris Goldenberg

Violin Concrto in a minor – Bach

Etudes and Preludes – Clair Musser

Yellow After the Rain – Mitchell Peters


Solos by John Beck or Vic Firth

Etudes from Modern Method for Timpani – Saul Goodman

Drumset (optional)

Demonstate various styles (swing, latin, rock, etc.)




Percussionists auditioning for graduate degrees are expected to demonstrate strong abilities in all areas. Some suggestions for audition repertoire are given below. Other works of similar musical and technical value may be performed.

Snare Drum

Etudes from Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony Cirone

Etudes from Douze Etudes by Jacques Delecluse

Etudes from Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum by Keith Aleo

Orchestral Excerpts (Scheherazade, Lt. Kije, Shostakovich 10)


Mirage – Sueyoshi

Reflections on the Nature of Water – Druckman

Variations on Japanese Children’s Songs – Abe

Caritas – Burritt

See Ya Thursday – Mackey

Rumble Strips – Stout

Orchestral Excerpts (Porgy and Bess, Magic Flute, Pines of Rome)


Eight Pieces – Carter

Sonata for Timpani – Beck

Three Pieces for Five Timpani – La Fave

Orchestral Excerpts (Beethoven 9, Romeo and Juliet, Finlandia)