Jazz Band Audition Materials

University of Central Arkansas Jazz Ensembles

Fall 2021 Auditions

Open to all UCA students! Jazz Ensembles meet MFW at 12 PM.

Wednesday, August 18 from 9 AM – 12 PM.

No need to sign up, just show up ready to play. Early is appreciated!

Snow Fine Arts Recital Hall

Auditions will consist of a required portion and an optional portion.

Required Portion

Horns (Sax, Trumpet, Bones)

  • Sightreading from a big band standard



  • Sightreading from a big band standard (which will include comping and reading)



  • Sightreading from a big band standard
  • Perform 20-30 seconds each of the following styles:

– Slow soft “ballad” style, even 8th-notes (w/brushes if possible)
– Fast swing – and “trade 4’s with yourself”
– Latin (any style) – and “trade 4’s with yourself”
– Funk – and “trade 4’s with yourself”
– Rock – and “trade 4’s with yourself”


Optional Portion (but encouraged!)

    We will provide a backing track at the audition.

  • Those wishing to audition for lead trumpet may play a brief excerpt demonstrating range.
  • Saxophonists may play a brief excerpt on doubles as applicable (flute and/or clarinet/bass clarinet)

Results will be posted on the UCA Jazz Facebook and in various places in SFA.


Questions? Email Dr. Taylor at mtaylor32@uca.edu