Christa Kuebel

Associate Professor of Music - Music Education

SFA 312A

(501) 450-5756

Dr. Christa Kuebel focuses her research on music teacher preparation and early childhood music education. Her current work focuses on the role of self-efficacy among preservice music educators. She has instructed higher education courses in elementary general methods, world music, child development, and introduction to music education. Kuebel has taught choir, band, and general music for students in preschool through junior high in Illinois, China, and Poland. She also teaches early childhood music education classes to children four and under.


Kuebel holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio), Master of Music from Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts), and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio). She has presented at state, national, and international conferences. Her published research can be found in Contributions to Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education, Journal of Music Teacher Education, Music Educators Journal, and Journal of Research in Music Education.