Managing Membership & Rosters

Seeking Membership
When an individual is interested in becoming a member of an organization they must have their eligibility verified by the Office of Student Life prior to a chapter offering a bid. Individuals must consent to this verification by completing a grade release during the formal recruitment registration process or by submitting a COB interest form. 

Beginning Membership
When an individual accepts a bid to join an organization they will be added to the chapter’s roster and will be coded in the university’s Banner database for reporting purposes. A New Member Agreement is completed for each member.

Continuing Membership
Once a student is on the roster, they will remain listed each semester until the student or chapter notifies us that they are no longer a member by completing the Greek Roster Removal FormStudent Life will work with each chapter every semester to check the information, but ultimately the chapter and individual members are responsible for the roster accuracy. 

Ending Membership
The Greek Roster Removal Form needs to be filled out by the appropriate chapter officer or by the departing member, to effectively terminate a student’s membership. This form can be submitted at any time throughout the year and should be submitted within a week of a member departing active membership. The person submitting the form will choose the most appropriate removal type:

  • New Member Self Drop – voluntarily chose to leave the organization prior to being initiated.
  • New Member Removed – involuntarily removed from the organization prior to being initiated.
  • Active Member Self Drop – voluntarily chose to leave the organization after being initiated.
  • Active Member Removed – involuntarily removed from the organization after being initiated.
  • Membership Status Change – leaving active membership while remaining in good standing with the organization. Examples include alumni status, transferring schools, graduation, etc.

If a chapter officer is removing multiple members at once, they are able to submit one form and upload the Bulk Removal Template spreadsheet of members who need to be removed.

Why do we track rosters?
It is important for us to track rosters to ensure that we are reporting accurate information to (inter)national offices, honorary organizations, governing boards, University records, and alumni records. It is also important for grade and invoicing purposes. Additionally, active members are charged the Greek Parlor Fee based on updated records.