Greek Village


Click here to read all about the Phase I of UCA’s Greek Village in the Fall 2015 Edition of the UCA Magazine


Welcome to the homepage of the UCA Greek Village website!  UCA Greek Village is a decade-long project spearheaded by Dean of Students, Dr. Gary Roberts.  After a great deal of planning, many trips to other colleges/universities to view their Greek housing and a lot of hard work by a countless number of people, a Greek Village is finally being built at UCA!  With Phase One of the project slated to open at the beginning of the fall 2015 semester, the Greek Village project will accommodate the many needs of an expanding fraternity/sorority with beautiful housing, chapter room spaces, and brand new common-use spaces.  The project will also redefine and enhance the northeast corner of UCA by welcoming visitors, students, and community members to the campus with beautiful, red brick Colonial Georgian architecture buildings.  Greek Village will not only help our fraternity/sorority community grow, but it will also set UCA apart from other campuses in the region with a unique living environment for generations to come.

With so much going on regarding Greek Village, we have created a website that provides updates about the history and status of the program.  Please look around our website and learn more about how this fantastic project is truly creating a new home for our fraternities and sororities at UCA!


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