Greek Village Benefits

Benefits to Greek Life

  1. Greek Village addresses the future housing andCommunity Center 1- RENDERINGmeeting space needs of Greek organizations.  Current Greek facilities are old, outdated, and too small for groups to grow.
  2. Greek Village will help to level the “playing field” for recruitment of new members.  All groups who participate will have modern facilities with appropriate space and at a cost that is equitable for each group.
  3. Greek Village should help Greek groups grow in size, especially for groups who are struggling.  Groups will be able to market their organizations as they display new, beautiful, modern facilities.  In addition, Greek Life and housing staff who will be housed in Greek Village will be more accessible to provide guidance and leadership.
  4. Greek Village helps to increase and improve communications and relationships within and between Greek organizations. Improvement in relationships will reduce conflict between groups.


 Benefits to University

  1. Greek Village will be a recruitment tool for theGreek Village - House Design 1, Dec. 16, 2013University.  The village will be at visible locations on the northeast side of campus on Donaghey and College Avenues, as well as Augusta and Western.  Parents and students touring campus will drive by and see beautiful Greek homes with students actively involved in campus life.
  2. The large Greek Community Center that will house our NPHC fraternities and sororities in chapter rooms in a centralized location.
  3. As the Greek populations grows, so should the university’s retention and graduation rate.  Greek students graduate at nearly twice the rate of non-Greek students.
  4. Greek Village provides another living-learning environment that will focus on leadership development.  Greek village, along with the Honors College and Residential Colleges, add to the number of learning communities offered by the university.
  5. Greek Village will increase the UCA housing population by potentially adding about 300 beds to the housing system, depending on the number of groups who participate.
  6. Greek Village will eliminate ongoing conflicts between residence hall students and Greek members who have chapter rooms in residence halls.  Students living in residence halls will have more public area space to meet their needs.
  7. Greek houses would come under University policies, which would be managed and enforced by University staff.
  8. Greek houses will be ADA compliant, meeting the needs of students with disabilities.
  9. In general, Greek Village adds another dimension to the University, enhancing its image as a major Division I institution.