Greek Parlor Fee

What is the Greek Parlor Fee?
The Greek Parlor fee is a membership fee charged by the University of Central Arkansas to all students in sororities and fraternities with a house or chapter suite in Greek village. The Greek Parlor fee is billed to all members listed on the chapter roster on file with the Office of Student Life and is separate from the room and board fees that members who live in the Greek houses pay. 

Every member is responsible for paying this fee as every member has access to use the house’s main common areas and utilities. Chapter houses have public and residential spaces. As a chapter house, the facility is the meeting place and hub for many of the organization’s activities, and this benefits all members, regardless of whether they live in the house or not.

How much is the fee?
The fee is $250 each semester and is charged directly to the student’s university bill each semester for as long as they are a member of the Greek organization and a student attending UCA.

When is it charged?
Beginning the semester immediately after initiation, the fee is charged every semester directly to the member’s UCA student account bill for subsequent semesters in the fall and spring terms. UCA Student Accounts processes the Greek Parlor fee. However, any discrepancy with the billing of this fee on your UCA account should be reported to the UCA Student Life Office

What does the fee pay for?
The Greek Parlor Fee helps pay for staffing, upkeep, contractual mortgage payments, and maintenance of the facilities. 

What is the difference between UCA’s Greek Parlor Fee and chapter parlor fees?
Some chapters charge additional parlor fees per member for their own needs. Some organizations use in-house parlor fees to cover additional programming needs, chapter operating expenses, and costs such as additional cleaning services, house events, catered meals, etc. Not every chapter charges in-house parlor fees; however, the chapters can set their own in-house fee amount if they choose to do so. 

Additional Information
Chapter leaders and advisors are responsible for reminding and making sure students are aware of the Greek Parlor Fee every semester. It is imperative that students discuss financial obligations with their parents(s) and/or guardian(s) before they decide to join a Greek Organization. Additionally, every member signs a Greek Village Parlor Fee Acknowledgement form before joining an organization.