Start your journey with Education Abroad

General Requirements

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • If your GPA is below a 3.0, you will be asked to submit a letter explaining why it is lower than the requirement along with a letter of recommendation from the department chair.
  • 60 credit hours completed prior to going abroad

Applying to Semester Exchange

  • Research the different exchange opportunities available.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Office of Education Abroad to receive details on program budgets, courses offered, housing, and other relevant exchange information.
    • Students interested in semester exchange should make an appointment with the Education Abroad Office within the first four weeks of the semester prior to going abroad. UCA students should not contact partner universities but rather work with the Office of Education Abroad
  • Visit the Semester Exchange Application page for instructions to apply. Use this Application Checklist when submitting documents.

General Student Responsibilities

Once students are nominated by the Office of Education Abroad, students are responsible for the following:

  • Applying to the partner school and submitting all necessary documents
  • Acquiring the appropriate travel documentation including a passport and a study visa (if necessary)
  • Booking flights (Students should wait to receive the acceptance letter from the partner university before booking a flight)
  • Arranging accommodations abroad
  • Providing financial support for personal and food expenses during the program

All students who apply for semester exchange or direct enroll with a partner university will be charged a non-refundable Education Abroad Fee of $200 through the UCA Office of Student Accounts.

Since UCA partner universities accept a limited number of students from UCA, a competitive process will be used to determine a placement abroad if more students apply than exchange spots offered. Otherwise Direct Enrollment may be offered. The Offices of Education Abroad and International Engagement will review all files in the application to determine eligibility and selection based upon one or more of the following: seniority, GPA, degree, professor recommendations, interview, committee review, financial need, and statement of purpose essay.

International Insurance is required through iNext International Insurance. The Office of Education Abroad will work with approved exchange students to complete registration for international insurance. This coverage includes counseling at no extra charge. See more here. 

Students registering for programs agree to the following: I understand that UCA does not control requirements of vendors, universities, and other stakeholders for study abroad programing. Should a vendor or organization require masks, vaccinations, quarantine, or other measures regarding COVID 19, I agree to follow these requirements. While UCA and its partners will work to update students, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to take measures to protect themselves from the spread of disease.

UCA Education Abroad Credit

Students will earn education abroad credit through the semester exchange by passing the coursework. For information on the UCA education abroad credit process, visit: Semester Exchange Credit Process.

A Note on Residency

“Residence credit” is academic credit earned from the University of Central Arkansas in any format (on-the-ground or online), excluding credit by examination. Credit earned during a University of Central Arkansas Education Abroad program or through a Study Away Consortium and delivered at another institution or location is residence credit. [2.1.5] Residence Requirements

Financial Aid and Education Abroad

Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for details on eligibility for aid. Please see the Financial Aid Overview for details on aid that applies to program costs.

Program budgets are available at the Education Abroad Office or the Office of Financial Aid. The contacts in UCA Fin. Aid are Julia and Megan.

Visit our Scholarship page for a list of scholarships and the application links.

For study visas, students will have to submit a bank statement and/or financial aid letter showing excess aid. Students may request this letter from Julia Robison in UCA Fin. Aid. Email:

UCA Travel Policy

UCA students may not use UCA Study abroad scholarships or other university financial aid to travel or study in locations rated at LEVEL 4 DO NOT TRAVEL on the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisory website.  Students traveling in areas or countries with Level 1 and Level 2 ratings should consult the website at and heed all warnings while avoiding all Level 4 areas or locations that may exist in some countries.  All travel to locations or countries with a LEVEL 3 RECONSIDER TRAVEL advisory must be pre-approved by the Office of International Engagement Associate Vice-President, Legal Counsel, the Provost and Executive Vice President, and the President of the University of Central Arkansas.

Exchange students from partner universities applying for exchange at UCA, please visit UCA International Engagement’s Admissions page