Perrotis College


University Overview 

Perrotis College campus at the beautiful American Farm School campus is a dynamic fusion of its historic past and vibrant present. A green oasis surrounded by a semi-urban environment, the college is situated on the eastern edge of Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki. This city is known as Athens’ co-capital, with an incredible history and rich culture spanning over 2500 years, this port city is famous for its charm and vibrancy as well as its diverse culture. Thessaloniki is full of youthful energy with thousands of university students residing in the area. As you walk into the city center you realize that you are entering blended worlds: from classical Greece and Byzantine drama to a modern fast-paced city. 

 The American Farm School is the oldest American educational institution founded in Greece and was one of the first international schools to host Fulbright Scholars. Today the school has expanded into Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences, as well as a new Master and Research program. Perrotis College believes in learning through doing and remains dedicated to integrating theory and practice at all levels of agricultural education. The school is home to one of only two full-time USDA research programs in Europe.

Perrotis College is the only US-founded Ag/Tech College in Greece offering academic courses in the fields of agro-business, agriculture, environmental studies, entrepreneurship, food science/technology, and more. The classes are taught in English, allowing abroad students to learn alongside full-time students as well as offering distinguished academics and research opportunities located on the educational farm. Students in this program will learn 24/7 with a focus on experiential learning – in the community, labs, and fields.

Semester Calendar  

Fall:  October – December

Spring:  January – April

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Check the partner school’s website for offerings: Perrotis College Course Offerings.

View this document for Fall 2024 semester courses.

Areas of Study: 

Agricultural Economics, Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences, Agronomy, Animal Science, Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology, Food Science & Technology, Horticulture, International Business, Nutrition

Example of Courses offered:

Greek Wine Business, Mediterranean Diet, Greek Culture Course, International Business

Program Costs

Semester Exchange Home Pay and Direct Enroll placements are available. Contact our office or Financial Aid for details on budgets.

With direct enroll, UCA students pay tuition at the partner university and are able to apply their scholarships and financial aid towards the cost of their program. With semester exchange home pay, UCA students pay standard UCA tuition and many scholarships apply. For more information, view our Financial Aid Guide and the Perrotis College Fee Information Sheet.

Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the cost of a direct enroll or semester exchange. Students are eligible to apply for the Semester Exchange Study Abroad Scholarship.

Application Process

See our Semester Exchange Application page for a step-by-step overview of the application process. Please be sure to turn in all documents before the published deadlines.

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