Centria University of Applied Sciences

University Overview

Centria University of Applied Sciences (Centria UAS) has operations in the three towns of Kokkola, Ylivieska and Pietarsaari. This region is not only characterized by the old towns, the sea with its archipelago, and vivid bilingualism, but also by the long river valleys, traditional country life and bustling local cultures.

Kokkola, a pleasant town of 47,000 inhabitants, has ample opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities all year round.

Semester Calendar

Fall:  August – December
Spring:  January – May

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options. Coursework taught in English for Business and other available programs to exchange students. Check the partner school’s website for additional offerings.

Centria UAS has English classes in the following fields:

  • Business Management
  • Environmental Chemistry and Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing

For more information about specific courses offered: Exchange course options

Centria Fact Sheet

See sample coursework below and education abroad credits exchange students earned while abroad.

Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland)  
Basics of SpanishSPAN 1310Elementary Spanish 1310
Environmental MGMT ToolsMGMT 4345Governance of Sustainable Organization
French BasicsFREN 1310Elementary French I
Host Institution Course Title(s)UCA Course Code(s)UCA Course Titles(s)
Intercultural Business Studies I/Intercultural CompetenceECON 2310Global Environment of Business
International Economics/Business of CommunicationMGMT 2301Business Communications
International Trade LawMGMT 4320Selected Topics in MGMT
Leadership and Organizational Development/Basic FinnishHONC 3310Honors Seminar
Software Engineering: Java Advanced ProgrammingCSCI 3381Java Programming
Supply Chain MGMT & LogisticsMGMT 3344Operation & Supply Chain MGMT
Team LeadershipMGMT 3351Contemporary Issues in HR
Technology: Mobile Software DevelopmentCSCI 4357Programming Mobile Devices

Program Cost

UCA students pay regular tuition, and all scholarships and financial aid apply. For more information, view the Financial Aid Guide. Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the cost of a semester exchange.

Application Process

See our Semester Exchange Application page for a step-by-step overview of the application process. Please be sure to turn in all documents before the published deadlines.