SLANT Summer 2018: Table of Contents

Eric Paul Shaffer               The Ones Who Didn’t Know

Gale Acuff                           12

Nancy Aldrich                     Last Morning in Amsterdam

Jeffrey Alfier                      Summer Landscape: Gildford, Montana

Tobi Alfier                           Living in the Middle of Nowhere

Judith Askew                       Troubles

June Frankland Baker     Olana

Cathy Barber                      Michael

Jene Erick Beardsley        Heaven as It Appears on Earth

Cynthia Belmont               What Did I Do with My Time Before I Loved You?

Kristin Berkey-Abbott      Marooned

Michael Blanchard            Mr. Jefferson’s Hair

Laura Bonazzoli                 Kirchner

Beverly Boyd                      The Women’s Vote

Gaylord Brewer                 Wet Dog

Shirley J. Brewer               Hope Is the Thing with Salt & Pepper Shakers

Melissa Cannon                  Downsizing

Byron Case                          Eidetic

Linda Casebeer                  Imagine the Weight

Duane K. Caylor                Pasternak, 1956

Ted Charnley                      Bourbon and Bienville

Joan Colby                          Mourning Doves: A Study in Deceptions

Jack Cooper                        Not of This World

Robert Cooperman            At the Denver Botanical Gardens

Barbara Crooker               Some Empty Sky

Robert Daseler                    Villa Borghese Gardens

Holly Day                             An Argument against Furniture

Margaret DelGuercio       Trompe L’Oeil

Curtis Derrick                     Newlyweds at Forty 40 Richard Dinges, Jr. Approach

Deborah H. Doolittle         All Things Must Pass

K.E. Duffin                         Mister Softee

Rebecca Foust                     The Reading

Madelyn Garner                 Sister Disappearing

Elton Glaser                        Missing in the Sunburnt Season

Bill Glose                             The Philosophy of Now

Henry Goldkamp               Muskmelon or Muskrat

Jonathan Greenhause       Butternut-Squash Soup Coats the Tip of Her Nose

Ceridwen Hall                     Invention

Anna Harris-Parker          Desire Area

Lisa Higgs                            Our Short Walks

AE Hines                              Revival

Ruth Holzer                         Me and the Queen

Ann Howells                        The Starry Night ~ 1889

Marc Jampole                    Karst Vision

Robert Lee Kendrick        Lamplight

Kirsten Kinnell                   Summer Cottage in the White Cedars

Gordon Kippola                  Only Small Actors

Herbert J. Levine               The Woman Who Loves Wetlands

Lyn Lifshin                          When My Mother Wanted to Look at Houses

Jack Liskin                          Ya At Eeh Welcome

Peter Ludwin                       Way of the Buffalo

Kathayrn Howd Machan And After

Mary Makofske                  Walls

Stephen Malin                     Curb Appeal

Vicki Mandell-King           Eden Before Knowing

Roberta Marggraff           Pocket Watch

Michael Mark                     Of All Things

Michael Milburn                 Blue Marble

Maren O. Mitchell             Curriculum Vitae

Janice Moore                      Counterpoint

Janice Northerns                Opening Night

Bibhu Padhi                         Another Name

Judith Partelow                  Recycled

Athar C. Pavis                     Peter in Love

Marjorie Power                  Grief Is a Green-Eyed Cat 88

Wanda Praisner                  Leaving Dakar

Susan Richardson              House Centipede

Tim Robbins                        Restaurant Ode

Jennifer Rood                    Fostering a Better World

Dennis Ross                          Daisy Mae

David Sapp                          Shut-In

William Snyder Jr.            I Am

Richard Spilman                Stern Grove

Geo. Staley                           Art

David Stephenson               Flossie

William Swarts                   Shall We Gather by the River. . . .

Maria Terrone                   In Edwin Booth’s Bedroom

Mark Vogel                         Coming to the Surface

Rosemary Volz                   Red

Richard Weaver                 Seascape

Charles Harper Webb      Raisin Bran

Joyce Wilson                       The Marriage Robe