Faculty Accomplishment: Dr. Melissa Smith

Dr. Melissa Smith

UCA English is proud to highlight the research achievements of Dr. Melissa Smith, associate professor and director of our English Education Program. Dr. Smith has emerged as a major voice whose interdisciplinary scholarship engages LGBTQ-inclusive educational practice in K-12 schools.

Recently, Dr. Smith co-authored three publications. “Power, Emotion, and Privilege: ‘Discomfort’ as Resistance to Transgender Affirmation” appeared in the Teachers College Record special issue: “Supporting Transgender Students and Gender-Expansive Education in Schools: Investigating Policy, Pedagogy, and Curricular Implications” (2022). Additionally, Dr. Smith contributed to book chapters appearing in Trans Studies in K-12 Education: Mapping an Agenda for Research and Practice (Harvard Education Press, 2022) and The Sociology of Bullying: Power, Status, and Aggression Among Adolescents (NYU Press, 2022).