Philosophy of Text and Topic Selection

The UCA Department of English shares the University’s commitment to cultivating learning environments that center diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity for all of our students. Throughout students’ coursework, they will read texts that represent the breadth and depth of human experience, which may include violence, grief, trauma, hatred, joy, love, success, and triumph.  Some content, regardless of how one categorizes it, may prove unsettling to read. We approach our classes knowing that reactions to any individual text are not universal, and that what sparks discomfort for one person might resonate with another. We believe engaging with diverse viewpoints is one of the most beneficial approaches to any kind of literary analysis. We also believe that open dialogue strengthens the community within our department. To these ends, faculty choose texts of literary, historical, cultural, and linguistic significance. Our faculty select texts and topics that will:

  1. Facilitate our students’ development of sophisticated skills for reading, writing, research, and critical thinking

  2. Broaden and deepen our students’ knowledge and cultural awareness about literature, language, culture, and history

  3. Strengthen our students’ ability to communicate effectively and with cultural humility and agility. If you have questions about the assigned texts in your courses, please reach out to your professor to initiate a conversation.