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In its current digital format, SLANT is free to our readers. That does not mean that production of the journal is without cost. You can help sustain SLANT and in turn allow us to provide a venue for contemporary poets to share their work with the world with a donation to the UCA English Enhancement Fund. Your gift can also help support our Visiting Poet Series, our twice annual Poetry Coffeehouse readings for student poets to display their talents, and the annual Hudson-Fowler Prize in Poetry.

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The Office of UCA President Houston Davis
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Kate Deimling
Jordan Devereaux
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Dr. Crystal Harris
Dr. Ty Hawkins
Michael Hettich
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Len Krisak
Dr. Lori Leavell
Scott Lewis
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Vicki Mandell-King
Clair Hamner Matturro
Jennifer McClinton-Temple
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Dr. Jennifer Parrack
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Dr. Paige Reynolds
Dr. Mike Schaefer
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Dr. Mary Ruth Stewart
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Becky J. Williams

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