2022 Writing Workshop with UCA Nursing Students

Fall 2022 Writing Workshop


Dr. Crystal Harris

On November 19, 2022, the English Department and the School of Nursing collaborated to realize a full-day writing workshop for nursing graduate students. The workshop helped students grow in brainstorming, formulating research questions, presenting a scholarly position, evaluating research materials, paraphrasing, synthesizing, APA style, drafting, and revising.

Drs. Crystal Harris and Peter Lang, both of them full-time visiting faculty members in the English Department, spearheaded the planning for and lead the workshop. The event gave students greater confidence and deftness in their writing abilities as they journey deeper into their professional and academic careers.

Dr. Peter Lang

Based on participants’ feedback, the English Department and School of Nursing are happy to conclude that the workshop was a smashing success! Students reported feeling more confident in what is expected in them in academic writing and less likely to procrastinate on their papers. Many expressed interest in future workshops of this kind and even an expansion of this collaboration across multiple days in the future. The English Department and School of Nursing will be investigating exactly those possibilities in the near future.