English Minor Requirements

“Minoring in English at UCA provided me with myriad opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. My English minor supplemented my Political Science major well due to the fact that it allowed me to develop and foster indispensable oral and written communication skills. Through minoring in English, I developed a passion for the English discipline and eventually decided to pursue a Master of Arts within the UCA English Department. This program has positively transformed my academic career. I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose to minor in English!”-Grace Rapert (MA Student 2022)

An English minor complements any major

This is especially true of disciplines within the liberal arts and social sciences. Revised within the last few years, the UCA English minor requires that students complete 18 hours of ENGL credit.

One can learn about all the course options from which to choose via the

UCA Undergraduate Bulletin 

Likewise, one can track his or her progress toward the minor with our

English Minor Check Sheet